We are EPIPOLÉ: a young, engaged and productive scientific group. We practice the scientific method and we do not just like basic science, but we also seek cutting-edge technology and innovation. Our works are mainly geared towards the area of ​​surface science and engineering and this is the reason for we have chosen the term "EPIPOLÉ" to define our group ("ἐπιπολή", Greek word that means something like "surface").

      Physically, we came from the University of Caxias do Sul (RS-Brazil), where the main operations base is concentrated, led by Prof. Dr. Carlos A. Figueroa. Our beginning was humble, with few material resources, but with determination and a lot of desire to make things happen, we set up a series of laboratories that are part of the Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering (PPGMAT-UCS - https://www.ucs.br/site/pos-graduacao/formacao-stricto-sensu/materiais/). We have a differentiated infrastructure, not only to analyze and interpret surfaces with a focus on plasma processing, but to develop differentiated works, starting from the fact that we are a diversified group with different ideas and thoughts, but always integrated, generating a rich symbiosis. In search of excellence and scientific and human development, we are spread in different corners of the planet in research and improvement activities.

           Currently, the Nanoscale Surface Characterization Laboratory (LACASUNE), Laboratory of Surface Engineering and Thermal Treatments II (LESTT-II), Materials Characterization Laboratory for Mining (LCMM), together with the Research, Development and Innovation center of Plasmar Tecnologia (a spin-off created inside this research group with incubation at TecnoUCS), form the EPIPOLÉ group and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge through this channel.